Fire Maple X3 Stove

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Fire Maple Fixed Star X3 800ml Personal Cooking System (Hiking Cooker)

Perfect for any outdoor adventure, this cooking system can boil up to 800ml of water in just over 2 minutes! 

The Fire Maple X3 is lightweight, compact & fast. Perfect for any hiking trip! The pot can carry all accessories including the fuel canister (sold separately), freeing more space in your pack. The folding handle design allows every accessory to stay close and stable during storage. Included is a multipurpose pot holder which allows you to cook with other pans as well.

• Boils 800ml water in just over two minutes
• Stable and Reliable
• Extremely compact
• Highly Windproof
• Push-button Piezo igniter makes lighting simple and quick
• Vented and transparent lid with rubber handle on top
• Insulated by a neoprene sleeve
• Works with most butane/propane mixed fuel canisters

Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Silicone.
Colour: Green 'Tree Graphic'
Dimensions (Open): 254×246mm
Dimensions (Folded): 133×185mm
Max Output Power: 2200W
Load-bearing: 5kg
Weight: 600g

○ X3 Heat exchanger
○ Aluminum Pot 1 Litre
○ Neoprene Sleeve
○ Multipurpose pot holder
○ Tripod



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